Counselor's Corner

Rochelle School Counselor



Hi!  My name is Tammy Frerich Parrish, and I am your counselor at Rochelle ISD!  I am SO excited to be here, and to have both my children attending school here too.  What a “breath of fresh air” to come to this close-knit school and community where there is so much pride and willingness to succeed!

I am starting my 26th year in Education in which I have been a teacher, a counselor (at all levels), an assistant principal and a principal (Elementary), and a curriculum coordinator (Elem/JH).

I have an “open door policy” where you are always welcome to speak with me. 

I like to think that the old adage is true, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I believe Rochelle is that “Village” at it will take ALL of us to raise all our children to become successful in life.